King of the Swamp


[٢] English King of the Swamp
[٣] French Roi des Marais
[٤] German König des Sumpfes
[٥] Korean 늪지의 마신왕
[٦] Portuguese Rei do Pântano
[٧] Spanish Rey del Pantano
[٨] Japanese (Kana) ぬまちのましんおう
[٩] Japanese (Base) 沼地の魔神王
[١٠] Phonetic Numachi no Mashin'ō
[١١] Translated Devil King of the Marshland
Attribute WATER[١٢]
Types Aqua/Effect
Level 3[١٣][١٤][١٥]
ATK/DEF 500/1100
Card Number 79109599
Card effect types ConditionIgnition
Card descriptions

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